Charly Boy says Nigeria will soon become war-torn


“A stormy Hell Fire is gathering in Nigeria. I can almost smell it and e dey choke. If the Vagabonds in power remain indifferent or fail to fix dis Bullshit dey started. Nigeria will certainly become a combination of Afghanistan Venezuela, Somalia and Lebanon,” he tweeted.

“The Fulani Freedom Fighters (FFFs) have been let loose from Hell by der masters. Nigerians be ready to defend ursef’s.”

The music star has been very vocal about the political trends in the country.

In June, the music star revealed that Peter Obi’s presidential ambition has activated something unusual in Nigeria.

“I am smelling a “bloodless coup” in the making by ordinary Nigerians to retrieve their stolen future. Peter Obi may or may not become our President at the end of the day, but his presence has activated something unusual in our history and ordinary Nigerians. Wetin u think?” he tweeted.

The former governor of Anambra state’s candidacy has been greeted with a loud ovation by several celebrities across the country.

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