At Cousin’s Funeral, Ghanaian Actor Kofi Adjorlolo Displays Agbadza Dance Steps


 At Cousin’s FuneralGhanaian Actor Kofi Adjorlolo Displays Agbadza Dance Steps


Senyo Boakye

Seasoned Ghanaian actor, Kofi Adjorlolo, has been hit with grief as he lost his cousin recently.

The actor who attended the funeral of his beloved, has communicated his grief in an interesting manner with the use of an iconic dance called the agbadza dance, a beautiful cultural dance popular amongst the Ewe folk.

Kofi Adjorlolo took centre stage in the midst of a crowd to do an emotional rendition of the dance. He had a sad look on his face and a black mourning cloth tied around his waist as he energetically moved his elbows back and forth with his back bent.

Videos of the Veteran actor dancing went viral on social media as some folks admired how he danced. Others, however, had mixed opinions on how he did the dance.


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