Akeredolu: We believe in One Nigeria


Ondo Governor Rotimi Akeredolu has criticised Federal Government’s objection to the proposed use of arms by the Western Nigeria Security Network(Amotekun Corps) while allowing its equivalent in Katsina State to bear weapons.
He said the denial of the right of Amotekun to bear arm to protect the people of the State violated the tenents of federalism

Akeredolu said in a statement that equity and justice are required in Federal Government’s relationship with all the component units.

He said:”The video making the rounds showing the equivalent of the Western Nigeria Security Network (Amotekun Corps) in Katsina, obtaining the approval of the Federal Government to bear arms is fraught with great dangers.

“Denying Amotekun the urgently needed rights, to legitimately bear arms is a repudiation of the basis of true federalism which we have been clamoring fo

“That Katsina was able to arm its state security force with the display of AK47 means we are pursuing one country, two system.

” If the Katsina situation conferring advantages on some, in the face of commonly faced existential threats, it means that our unitary policing system, which has failed, is a deliberate method of subjugation which must be challenged.”

Akeredolu added:”The Independence agreement was based on a democratic arrangement to have a federal state and devolved internal security mechanics.

“We must go back to that agreement. Denying Amotekun the right to bear arms exposes the Southwest to life-threatening marauders and organized crime. It is also a deliberate destruction of our agricultural sector. It is an existential threat.
“We want to reiterate, that what is sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander. Ondo State government under the doctrine of necessity have decided to fulfil its legal, constitutional and moral duty to the citizens of the State, by acquiring arms to protect them. This is more so, given that the bandits have an unchecked access to sophisticated weapons.

“The State Government cannot look on while its citizens are being terrorised and murdered with impunity. We will defend our people.”

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