5 Unwritten Rules Of Female Friendships


Having female friends or girlfriends is a gift that should never be taken for granted.

Your girlfriends are with you through whatever you go through, but like everything in this world, the friendship will die of neglect if you don’t nurture or appreciate it.

Knowing the unwritten rules of the girl code will help you have better relationships with the women in your life.

If you all see an attractive man, neither should pursue him or fight over him. Worse, pursue him discreetly without the others knowing.

If the man indicates interest in one of you, let the person he likes be with him. You should not think, ‘If I can’t have him, no one can.’ Remember, girls, men are not the price.

The general rule is this, never date your friend’s ex except you are absolutely in love with him, and you guys are serious about a relationship. If you do date him, don’t expect her to be fine with it. You have to choose between the man and your friend.

Never casually sleep with your friend’s ex. It’s so wrong.

If they just dated casually, then you can ask her permission first if you just want to sleep with him or date him. Anyways, it makes you look shady, avoid it together.

Immediately your friend tells you about a breakup, drop everything and rush to be with her.

She will ramble on and on with different stories, sometimes repetitive, sometimes full of tears. She will curse him out many times. You have to support her throughout, hate the guy as much as she does and makes her feel better.

Take her out when she feels up to it and cheer her up, tell her, “He is no good, they are many better men out there.” Prop up her self-esteem by telling her she is the most beautiful and amazing person ever.

For security reasons, let her know where you are going. If you meet a new man and you are spending the night at his place, tell her about it.

Plus, be available for updates on how the date is going. You need to be in on all the full gist.

What are friends for if not to help each other look fabulous? Did you just find a cheap Instagram vendor or know a place to get beautiful thrifted clothes? Have you discovered a new skincare hack? Then, let your girlfriends know. It makes no sense to be the only one slaying.

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