Tebboune relaunches Cevital megaproject blocked by Bouteflika clan


In Algeria, a word or a hint is enough to unblock an industrial project that has been on hold for ages. Until 24 September 2022, the Cevital group, which is owned by the Rebrab family, was struggling to get its oilseed crushing plant in Béjaïa, Kabylia, off the ground.

That day, while delivering a speech to the country’s wallis and senior officials, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune used this major industrial project – without mentioning it by name – as an example to illustrate the blockages and prohibitions suffered by some 8,500 projects due to administrative red tape or political reasons  dating back to deposed President Bouteflika’s former regime. “This project has been blocked due to a lack of authorization, even though the factory is already 80% built,” said Tebboune. “It would allow Algeria to produce its own oil within six to seven months. Algerian oil, from the producer to the consumer.”

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