NIN To replace Drivers License, Passport for Business Registration- CAC


The Corporate Affairs Commision is planning to replace passport and driver’s license with the National Identification Number for businesses registration.

The development is coming as the Nigerian government has made it compulsory for Nigerians to enroll. It is also a prerequisite for holding SIM cards.

CAC’s Registrar-General, Garba Abubakar, disclosed at the 2022 Management Retreat in Kano that NIN would ease business registration.

He said, “For every Nigerian and a foreigner residing in Nigeria, all we will require from you moving forward is your NIN, and we will validate your information from the NIN. If there are discrepancies, we will not register; you have to rectify it.”

The government has enrolled 86 million into the National Identity Database and issued them the NIN from 2012 to July 2022.

The commission had said, “NIMC works to collaborate with the public and private sector to realize the ID functions and regulate the Nigerian Identity sector.

“The enrolment shows 60,000 in 2012, seven million in 2015, 28 million in 2017, 43 million in 2020, and 86 million as of July 2022 with about 18,000 enrolment centres across Nigeria.”

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