Kenyan Court Freezes More Millions Belonging To Flutterwave


A Kenyan High Court has frozen an additional sum of $3.3 million (Sh400.6 million) belonging to the pan-African fintech giant Flutterwave.

Business Insider Africa gathered that the funds were discovered in three bank accounts and 19 M-Pessa paybill numbers.

“A preservation order be and is hereby issued prohibiting 1st respondent or his agents or representative from transacting, withdrawing, transferring, using any other dealings in respect to the money held in the account”

Kenya’s Assets Recovery Agency (ARA), which is leading an investigation into the fintech firm, had filed to block the funds from being transferred. The agency also accused Flutterwave of money laundering and is seeking to have the frozen millions forfeited to the government.

The latest series of account freezes is coming barely a month since the sum of $52.5 million belonging to Flutterwave was frozen in several bank accounts operated by the fintech firm.

Recall that the company had vehemently denied the allegation of fraud, describing it as a calculated attempt to smear its reputation. The company also explained that it makes use of its financial partners to receive funds and make payments on behalf of merchants and corporates.

Since then, the Central Bank of Kenya had said that Flutterwave was not licensed to operate remittance services in the East African country. Governor Patrick Ngoroje of the Central Bank of Kenya also warned stakeholders to be wary of the company.

The fintech firm has not yet issued any statement in reaction to the latest development. We will keep you updated on this developing story.

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