ipNX Introduces High Speed Fibre Broadband Internet


Nigeria’s information communication and technology (ICT) company, ipNX has launched its high speed fiber broadband internet service that will enhance speedy download in minutes while browsing the internet.

Tagged “FOS Xtreme”, the high speed internet solution, which is its new flagship series, was introduced this week into the market with two service plans, Xtreme100 and Xtreme200, offering speeds of 100Mbps and 200Mbps respectively.

The offering, which will be delivered to homes and SMEs, is the first of its kind in Nigeria, lending credence to ipNX’ reputation for being the industry’s pacesetter for technological innovation.

Speaking at the launch of the “FOS Xtreme” plans, the Divisional CEO, ipNX Retail, Kene Eneh, said: “Based on our traditions at ipNX, we are introducing two FOS Xtreme plans to the market “Xtreme100” and “Xtreme200”. More speed means more power and more productivity for our customers to be able to work, create, learn and play online without any inhibitions. The FOS Xtreme promise is to deliver the fastest internet access speed obtainable at any given time in Nigeria.”

“We are at such a crucial time in history when productivity and output should not be affected by the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, thus as an innovative brand, we have invested in developing these novel plans that will deliver the highest speed and quality of connection to subscribers,” Eneh added.

Head, Product Management at iPNX, Mr. Najite Ikutegbe, also informed that the concept of “Xtreme” would continue to hinge on ipNX’ strategic intent to lead in the development of products with boundless possibilities.

“It is obvious at this time that Internet access has become ‘a way of life’ and more consumers are in search of data plans and services that will enable everyone and every device get connected with optimum speed concurrently,” he said.

He added that “FOS Xtreme” would remain for today’s power user, be it at home or at the workplace.

Addressing the issue of Right of Way (RoW)for the laying of its fibre optic cables to homes and offices, Eneh said as a responsible organisation, ipNX would continue to comply with the necessary directives for the approval of RoW from the state governments where it currently has coverage areas, to enable it deliver its high speed fiber broadband internet. She further explained that in areas where there are an existing ducts, IPNX would partner with the service provider and plug directly to the exiting ducts, instead of digging up roads to lay fiber optic cables. ipNX currently has fixed-wired (fibre) and fixed-wireless operations in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano and Ibadan.

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