Investigation: School Feeding and Plight of Kano Students


It’s nothing but a case of having much but paradoxically lacking a lot to eat for the students of Tudun Maliki Special School that are bereft of standard meals as budgeted by the Government. Despite 26% which is 51.6 billion allocated to education, N3.4 billion was set aside for boarding school feeding.

According to a visually impaired student of the school who pleaded anonymity, there are deteriorations regarding the school feeding program. Four 4 Students are given one loaf of bread, Lipton without sugar and milk as breakfast, as against the initial provision of eggs, meat and fish.

Since the resumption the students claimed that they only eat chicken twice for the whole session, no standard food timetable and most times children were served grinded maize to ward off intestine-devouring hunger.

The contractor while defending their failures in supplying food to the school claimed that they are not paid what is due to them as the contract binding them with the government stipulates.

The Kano State Senior Special Assistant on the School feeding Program Aisha Jafar said all the claims and allegations are false because she often monitored what was given to students almost all around the State, saying that the suspected school is one of her frontline schools when it comes to monitoring.

“My passion for Education and transparency in Government make all the principals have access to me directly, even at the urgent spot for delivery.

“Kano state government feed students in millions figures which I can boost with full chest that no state in the country can do that, right now the Government have plan B for the students, in which food stuff were purchased for next year, if the price of food stuff arise.

“I can assure you that, there is season where chicken become scarce to get due to some reasons, but after everything was ok, we keep on supply chicken to the students for their meals.

“Furthermore, there is a time we supply maize, immediately I saw the maize, I quickly order it should be taken out of the schools because of some reasons that might cause a lot of complicated issues.

“However, those students with Disabilities always complain, I can assure you that we have food in our store, which if you are interested, I will take you round for a tour, you can see for yourself. The Government and principal in the schools are trying their best, she added.

During an interview with the Deputy Director of schools in the state Mal Naziru Surajo, he revealed that the state government has budgeted all the needs for boarding schools feeding, and that the government budgeted a Mudu of rice to be cooked for 4 students, 2kilogram of chicken for 8 students, meat and fish, fresh bread and tea were given to them as for breakfast.

There is also a budget set aside for other maintenance at the kitchen, training of chefs and other expenses for feeding according to the revelation of the investigation.

“I can’t tell you the specific amount budgeted for each boarding school in Kano, the government goes with quantity. Each school has its student’s figures, the Government feed per head. I always go to the school to monitor the students and what is going on at the schools, as recent schools monitoring (1/11/2022) the figures of the students at the school are 840”. he said.

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