Gucci slashes ‘stale’ seasonal fashion shows


Gucci has announced it will cut the number of fashion shows it holds every year in an effort to reduce waste.

The company says the concept of seasonal clothes has become obsolete and will now host just two “seasonless” catwalk shows annually.

The label said the traditional rota of spring/summer, autumn/winter, cruise and pre-fall shows was “stale”.

“Clothes should have a longer life than that which these words attribute to them,” Gucci’s creative director said.

The label has no plans for a show in September, the time when it would traditionally show a new collection at the Milan fashion week.

Alessandro Michele, the company’s creative director, now imagines showing collections only in the autumn and spring, instead of five times a year.

“Two appointments a year are more than enough to give time to form a creative thought, and to give more time to this system,” he said.

Gucci is the first major label to make an adamant declaration about supporting the move to a leaner, less wasteful fashion system. Its powerhouse status in the fashion and celebrity worlds could potentially make this decision a gamechanger.

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