Glo Offers Additional Data Value to Subscribers


Globacom, is offering its customers additional value for every data plan they subscribe to.

The new data volumes are meant to assist subscribers who now rely on the internet to conduct most of their business, education, social and religious activities because of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

The company said in a statement issued in Lagos yesterday that the generous data bonuses will be received by subscribers who purchase any of its data plans including night volume which is operational between 12 midnight and 5 a.m.

Giving the breakdown of the offering, Globacom said any new customer who purchases a daily data plan of N50 will get additional data value of 18MB which will give a total of 50MB when added to the former data value of 32MB. This includes a night bonus of 5MB.

For a N100 daily data plan, the customer will now get 150MB which will include 35mb of night bonus. Similarly, a N500 data plan, which is valid for 14 days, now gives 1.35 GB instead of 1GB and includes a night time bonus of 550MB.

If the subscription is for the N1,000 monthly data plan, the customer will now have a massive 2.9GB instead of 2.5 GB and will include a night time bonus of 1GB.

Such heavy data volumes are also available on other plans such as N2,000, N3,000, N4,000, N5,000, N10,000 up to N20,000 recharge which now gives an unmatched data volume of 12GB, bringing the total to 138GB instead of 115GB.

The company said the data values were revised to give the best benefit for money in terms of data volume at unique price points for subscribers.

“The prevailing Covid-19 pandemic entails much more being done online by data users. People require reliable and affordable internet services to be able to work, shop, study, socialise and do business transactions online. This is why we have empowered them with additional data value for every purchase made on our network,” Globacom stated.

To enjoy the tantalising offering, customers are to dial *777# for data plan of choice which can be purchased at The bonus plans will be available on Globacom digital platforms, the company added

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