Fashion Icon, Mudi Unveils ‘UDIAG Lifestyle’


From a modest beginning, staying true to his craft has elevated Clement Mudiaga Enajemo better known as Mudi into the company of global citizens. His clients reasonably occupy the top echelon of society and they cut across all walks of life. Due to the diligence and excellence with which he approaches his work, Mudi keeps the company of global citizens like presidents, business leaders and superstars in the entertainment and sports industry.

His immense evidence of success in his chosen field of fashion is felt through his trade name, Mudi Africa. He came into the fashion industry and gave it a twist with a lot of feats to testify to the facts…as the first Nigerian fashion designer to advertise on billboards, first to advertise on TV. Also first to take his brand outside the shore of this country with personal sales outlet not franchise with branded vehicle attached to each outlet.

More so, he is the first to have a street, ‘Mudi Lane’ named after his brand. A documentary on a global television network once celebrated him as one with the most beautiful, purpose built fashion house in Africa. To many, Mudi transcends just fashion. His outlook, his lifestyle, transcends the narrow prisms of fashion. True to time, the iconic celebrity clothier has evolved over the years into a cultural icon of some sort; like Karl Lagerfeld.

Mudi’s essence and existence reflect in his way of life. He has been able to prove it through his purpose built fashion outlet in Anthony area of Lagos State. The Mudi Africa corporate headquarters has as much a marvelous exterior as it presents an enchanting interior; same for his residential domain in Ikoyi, the masterpiece that further announces Mudi’s ingenuity. Every piece of adornment in these spaces is a work of Mudi’s creativity. Both designs (the interior and exterior decor) in these upscale places drip with aesthetics achieved through a perfect synergy of art and architecture.

A veteran entertainment and lifestyle editor once wrote of Mudi: “Long before he built the eye-catching edifice at Anthony Village area of Lagos, Mudi found fame through his single minded pursuit of one goal – to sit on the pinnacle of the fashion industry. Planting that architectural masterpiece, strategically at a corner of town inhabited by the upper middle class only served to draw more attention. It is hard to pass by that building without doing a double take.”

Mudi may be better known for his extraordinary success in fashion, he has inspired a lot of fashion designers to add value to their work environment. He came into the fashion industry, saw and conquered and now that he is going into architectural aesthetics, no doubt he is primed to succeed. Looking at his artistic inclination, it is no surprise Mudi has brought to fruition his new craft. “At times in life we use people to mirror our life,” he says. “Most people have been saying it several times that Mudi go to interior. I was just doing it just for the fun of it expressing myself artistically. Now I want to commercialize it full time.”

The topnotch creative entrepreneur continues. “You know I design my house interior and exterior; my office the same thing. What I do is if you have a house, a run down, we pick it up, and then we refurbish and remodel the house to your taste. You must not move, you can create your heaven in Ajegunle, you can create your heaven in Ikorodu, create your heaven in Surulere, even in Yaba, in Ikoyi. Anywhere you are you can create your heaven you must not move.” Apparently, his knowledge of the arts comes very handy in his new craft.

Part of the services to be handled by UDIAG Lifestyle is to help in guiding people on how to live well. He explains. “A lot of people buy beautiful and expensive items but not well put together; that is why when you get into someone’s house you see sofas clashing with rug and window blinds due to poor positioning. They are a lot of things that stress the eyes. When you enter someone’s house for instance, it is painful when you see a Rolls-Royce parked beside a generator and diesel from the gen set dripping under such a luxurious car.

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