Covid-19: Nigeria’s Possible Intervention?


At a Nigeria and some African countries have been enveloped in the worst human impact of the coronavirus pandemic and beginning to suffer the destructive economic impact of a potential global slide to recession, Dr Ben Amodu, one of many Nigerian gifted pharmacists has discovered the Covid-19 vaccine alongside Senegal and Madagascar. Their knowledge and expertise on overcoming the dreaded Corona Virus, they are showing a clear desire to take the first steps towards health-responsive resilience in the face of this crisis.Asides spending money on importing medical gears,distributing palliatives to select extraction of citizens with little or nor bearing on the live of the populace, with the growing spread of Covid-10 worry. With another $3.4bn facility from the International Monetary Fund, what is the Federal  government’s strategy, health and social action plan in mobilising resources for partnership and real multilateral support from other African countries in making a head way as race for time and fight for life of its citizens heightens , Emileo Castrol  asks…..

From medical position, what should ideally take 10-15 years, the global scientific community hopes to cram into months. With the World Health Organization (WHO) announcing that there are 70 vaccines in the works for covid-19 and four of the most promising are already being tested, there are billions being spent on how to help the global economy return to nomality, there is still no guarantee that any of the vaccines will work.

In the wake of the global pandemic, the world is looking into cures for  all sorts of diseases and viruses. The world has however dwelled so long on Orthodox Medicine, forgetting time-tested and all-encompassing potency of roots, herbs, plants and the immeasurable benefits of alternative medicine-abundant in Nigeria, Africa and by extension the world, this might just the time for Africa to rise to the occasion  to curing this dreaded virus. Else, the norm would be on and off lockdowns and flare-ups of coronavirus.

More crucial is the possible economic advantage Nigeria and African nations stand to benefit especially with a pandemic which has cause a global glut and  perfect storm that sent global oil prices into negative territory for the first time ever. With oil at historic lows, the Nigeria’s oil industry is paying a heavy price and might soon see many companies filing for bankruptcy.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) has revised Africa’s growth downwards by more than a third, from 3.2% to 1.8%, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has revised global growth figures down from 2.9% to 1.5%. Yet given increasing social isolation measures and enforced city and country lockdowns, many are now projecting a global recession. Bismark Rewane, Managing Director ,Financial Derivatives Company, asserted recently that ‘‘If Nigeria enters “ a sudden and deep recession, we are all dead.”

Meanwhile, the doomsday apostles- Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are presently funding the manufacturing of seven potential vaccines. Despite the fact that billions of dollars could be wasted, maybe just one or two of the vaccines will be successful. But Bill Gates argues that losing a billion is better than the global economy losing trillions of dollars.

On the flip side, a few life-saving initiatives coming from africa could produce the vaccine or cure to the dreaded virus killing the world in droves.

Beating the western world to their game and latching unto experience from the AIDS and Ebola scientific know-how to beat the virus, Senegal’s has successfully developed, deployed  and testing everyone-symptoms or not with its innovative $1 quick COVID-19 testing kit.

Senegal’s well cut out roadmap, testing capacity and remedy for infected persons in dealing with Covid-19 id effective ,as deaths arising from the virus is the lowest in Africa, whilst recovery rate is best in Africa, third best in the world, even ahead of America and France.

With the WHO foisting a one-size-fits all vaccine remedy on Africa, this might be the opportune time for the medical sciences to acknowledge and permit viable and equal alternatives!

Madagascar is another equally good example of Africa dealing a huge blow on Covid-19. Life has returned to normalcy in Madagascar. No lockdown, no forced holidays. With 9 confirmed coronavirus cases, and 122 cases a month after, the WHO predicted disaster on Madagascar. But as at the 28th April, 2020 with 122 cases ,its recorded 61 recoveries and no death.

Madagascar’s President Andry Rajoelina believes that Madagascar could posses a remedy to coronavirus, and manufactured a local herb, which the country is using to treat patients.

As expected in its element, the WHO condemned the medicine because it was made in Africa and not the Unites States ,Asia or Europe. Neither did it investigate the success story of the concoction and see if it could be  modified before adoption worldwide. If the World Health Organisation were true to its mandate, it would know that facts and results don’t lie and there is absolutely nothing they can do other than suppress it. Its integrity, especially on allegations leveled against it with regards its connivance with Bill Gates, is again brought to the fore.

With the WHO foisting a one-size-fits all vaccine remedy on Africa, this might be the opportune time for the medical sciences to acknowledge and permit viable and equal alternatives!

At a time Africa seems to be taking the initiative and rising to the occasion, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal have ordered plane-loads of COVID Organics from Madagascar . This surely is sending shock waves to the developed world that it’s not by force to take vaccine!

From the body language of these key African countries who feel they developed world have turn Africans to guinea pigs, lab rats and a dumping ground of sort, it is safe to say that they would be thankful to see Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg; other generous vaccine advocates and donors submit themselves for clinical trials. Africa would indeed thank them ahead!

Speaking on the investment opportunities the  possible discovery of a cure of the virus portends for Nigeria, Chris Ogan, Managing Director, Topwide Apeas Limited,said ‘‘ The Federal government should begin to look at tips of local and African news of a possible cure for Covid-19. if any of these investigations become a reality, the upside will be huge in the face of the likely economic depression post Covid-19.’’

In the words of Chris Ogan ‘‘With the drying crude oil revenue, a potential income from a vaccine is likely to substantially cushion the unimaginable effects of very low revenues from crude oil. Most states and almost all government agencies depend on monthly pieces of cake from Federal allocation. Imagine what will happen to a local government without the monthly handout. No staff salaries. Over time, the official cars will start to loose their spare tyros and will eventually be sold. The office furnitures will disappear. Imagine this scenario across the country. If the Federal government of Nigeria invests in Nigerian Dr Amodu or the Madagascan drink, if found to be true, saving the world would give us political stature and revenue we don’t currently have. If the Federal government of Nigeria doesn’t demonstrate that is has a great dose of influence in Sub-Saharan Africa, another African country will possibly demonstrate leadership and boost its economy. ’’

According to a Researcher and Traditional Medicine expert and Managing Director Herbal Picks Nigeria Limited, Derin Oke-Ismail ‘‘Many Nigerians out there have come out to invent and say certain herbs can cure Covid-19. Has any government agency encouraged them or even tried to carry out  a test to see if it truly works. We have immense potentials in Nigeria, but they are not encouraged in any way’’

One wonders if the government saw the prototype ventilators developed by the Federal Polytechnic in Ilaroo by NASENI in Abuja.

It is instructive to also note that the Ooni of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi challenged some of the youths from the Obafemi Awolowo University, and with his support, they developed vehicle mounted motorised disinfectant spraying machines in less than two weeks. Upon the testing and deployment, the monarch comndably ordered 36 units to be distributed to every state.

With instances of Countries like China,Korea, Senagal and Madagascar that have adopted,practiced and made fortunes off Trado-Medicine, Now offers the great opportunity to prove to the world that the Nigerian government can take proactive step in growing the Trado-Medical Healthcare system, as a mainstay for Nigeria,push for the Appointment of credible institutions to manage the Trado-Medical Healthcare system in Nigeria and most crucially create an enabling environment  for Health experts, Pharmaceutical companies to thrive, especially with a resolve to promote Traditional Medicine.

With oil and gas fortunes dwindling and the searchlight beamed on Medical Professionals, Experts, Young Innovators to focus on discoveries on Traditional Medicine through herbs and roots for the cure of the dreaded Covid-19 and generating alternative source of revenue for Nigeria through alternative medicine, would Nigerian be looking way of  exploring the Senegal, Madagascar and Dr Ben Amodu model?





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